Roosje & Adri V.

“Now that the project is completed, we wanted to say ‘thank you’ for an excellent job. It certainly was not easy, the weather was not in our favor (too hot and too wet), the ground too compact and with too many rocks, and some other issues. Nevertheless, you were able to pull it all off within the budget we had agreed upon. We are absolutely thrilled with the patio, the water cascade, the plantings and the lights. I have seen you and your crew work over the last couple of months and I must say, all of you are remarkable. What stood out most is your dedication and love for the work you do. Your eye for detail is amazing and you certainly do not cut corners by using cheap materials. If something does not work out the way you want, you do not hesitate to pull it apart and start from scratch, even though it means you have to spend a day rebuilding it. It also was a pleasure to deal with your crew, who are highly skilled professionals with a great work ethic. Specifically, Leo’s ability to work with natural stone is unsurpassed and Cruz’ talent to prepare a site with heavy machinery equipment is amazing. Both of them clearly show a passion for the work they do. Again, thank you for transforming our rough and wooded property into a wonderful landscape, which we will be enjoying for many years to come.”