New Jersey Property Management Solutions

Once your outdoor space is completed, it requires proper care to thrive from season to season. G.A. Landscape Design & Associates provides full-service property management that protects your investment, preserves the health of annual and perennial plantings, and beautifies your home or manor grounds. Maintaining your outdoor space is cost-effective and hassle-free with a customized property management plan from our NJ outdoor living experts.

Landscape Maintenance Services

For the benefit of new and returning customers, G.A. Landscape offers a range of maintenance services tailored to the unique needs of your property. Options include, but are not limited to:


  • Thatching & reseeding lawns
  • Fertilizing lawns & perennial plants
  • Planting perennial beds, trees & shrubs
  • Edging, mulching & dividing perennial beds
  • Corrective, regenerative pruning for shrubs, hedges & ornamental plant material
  • Landscape consulting
  • Custom plant & garden health care programs

Benefits of Routine Property Maintenance

Hiring the G.A. Landscape team to preserve your outdoor environment allows you to enjoy the space, year-round, without spending precious evenings and weekends on upkeep. Other advantages of professional property management include:

  • High-caliber results. Our firm has nearly 30 years’ experience providing lawn and garden care for clients throughout New Jersey. Discerning clients appreciate the benefits of year-round curb appeal and proactive intervention—and the results are simply beautiful.
  • Return on investment. G.A. Landscape’s seasoned team keeps your lawn and garden healthy and vibrant. Our experts help minimize the occurrence and cost of turf disease, save you valuable hours, and prune trees and shrubs to maintain their health for years to come.
  • Drainage maintenance. Blocked downspouts, soil erosion and heavy rains can wreak havoc on your landscape. Specializing in drainage and grading, our maintenance team ensures that these problems are corrected before they pose a hazard to valuable landscapes and hardscapes.
  • Safety. Overgrown limbs, sunken ground and cracked walkways could cause injury to a family member or guest. Our maintenance pros help you stay on top of safety risks.
  • Upgrades & changes. Each season presents a new opportunity to upgrade or renovate your existing landscape. When you’re ready to tackle a new project, G.A. Landscape offers no-obligation estimates and design recommendations.


At G. A. Landscape Design & Associates, we strive to exceed your expectations while providing uncompromising service. Our certified team prides itself on keeping your landscape healthy and free of hazards throughout every season of the year. This service enhances the way you view your home while substantially increasing its value.

If landscape renovations are in your future, consider partnering with our landscape architects, masons, carpenters and horticulturists. Landscape design and construction services include gardens and lawns, custom woodworking and landscape structures, drainage and grading plans, stonework, and outdoor living areas.

To request a G.A. Landscape design consultation, inquire about pricing or speak with a landscape designer, call 908.789.1859 or get in touch online today.