New Jersey Landscape Services

G.A. Landscape Design & Associates has been providing landscape services to NJ homeowners since 1990. We specialize in the creation and maintenance of outdoor landscapes. Our landscape services incorporate elements like earth, water and fire. Additionally, the landscapes we design and build are tailored to the lifestyles of our clients. Your home’s landscape comes to life through carefully planned stages. It is the vision you’ve dreamed about.

Our Landscape Services:

Landscape Planning & Consultation Services

Our initial consultation provides an understanding of your personal preferences and project goals. During this meeting, we discuss the project scope, functionality of the space and creative design elements that will complement and enhance your lifestyle.

Landscape Design Services

Our landscape design team develops creative, hand-rendered solutions. These solutions provide for a functional, artistic and inviting outdoor space. After we present blueprints and recommend plant and hardscape materials, your constructive feedback is used to finalize the design.

Landscape Construction Services

Our highly trained team has years of experience in the field. Landscape architects, masons, carpenters and construction professionals transform your landscape. Additionally, they oversee every detail of the process. Our landscape construction includes stonework and masonry, specialty landscape structures, custom woodwork and more.

Landscape Lighting Services

G.A. Landscape Design & Associates’ professional lighting installations showcase your beautiful landscape. We light up your garden, patio, walkways, steps, walls, shrubbery or trees for both day and night. In addition, strategic, low-voltage lighting is used to make your home more secure. This lighting creates dramatic effects and extends your use of the space after sunset.

Drainage & Grading Services

We can prepare your home for a new landscape installation or correct a current grading and drainage problem. Our landscape architects and construction specialists develop aesthetic, efficient solutions. These solutions are for both preventing erosion and protecting your home from water damage. G.A. Landscape’s drainage and storm water solutions include slope changes, French drains, swales, catch-basins and more.

Landscape Property Management Services

Allow our experienced team to handle your property care. We customize plans tailored to your needs. Our plans include plant health programs, regenerative pruning and mulching. In addition, they include annual planting and general upkeep of your outdoor living space.