Landscape Structure Design & Build

Landscaping is far more than lush lawns and perennial gardens. G.A. Landscape Design & Associates specializes in creative, custom-built landscape structures. Landscape structures not only add architectural interest they also enhance the usability of your yard or patio. Professionally constructed landscape structures like pergolas and outdoor kitchens add to the interactivity of your space. Additionally they encourage you to eat, drink, socialize and enjoy nature—day or night.

Types of Woodworking & Landscape Structures

Our specialty landscape structures are built by master carpenters and designed with your taste in mind. Each is constructed to flow seamlessly with the rest of your home and grounds. Expertise includes these carefully crafted options:

  • Pergolas & gazebos
  • Arbors & trellises
  • Gates & fences
  • Outdoor kitchen accents
  • Sheds & storage structures
  • Custom-built decks

Benefits of Landscape Structures

Shelter from Sun & Wind

Pergolas, patio covers and gazebos are an attractive way to provide relief from the New Jersey elements. Whether you’re barbecuing, relaxing in the sun or entertaining during the day, a custom-built shelter adds pizzazz and functionality to your property. Strategic lighting makes your structure useful during evening hours, as well.

Entrance to Nature

Arbors, pergolas and similar landscape structures serve as a gateway to the rest of your outdoor environment. Arbors and trellises can also be used to divide your yard into separate areas for entertaining, gardening or other functions.

Plant Display

Add color to your trellises and arbors with climbing vines and plants. Custom woodworking structures support flowers and greenery while making a bold statement in your New Jersey yard.


Providing landscape services across New Jersey, GA Landscape Design & Associates specializes in landscape design. Our regional landscape team is backed by decades of collective experience. Our skilled landscapers create outdoor spaces that will be enjoyed and admired for years to come. We’ll capture your imagination and shape your backyard. Your backyard will be ideal for connecting with nature, entertaining guests and expanding your living space. G.A. Landscape Design & Associates’ landscapes are as practical as they are inviting.

You can learn more about our landscape consultation services by calling our Westfield, NJ office at 908.789.1859.  You can also set up an initial design meeting by sending a message and a member of our team will answer your questions.