Meet Our Landscape Design Experts

Kurt Bongiovanni, Owner & Master Landscape Designer

GA Landscape Design Team - Kurt, Landscape DesignerWith three decades of experience and a degree in horticulture, Kurt Bongiovanni’s lifelong passion for landscape design has made him a NJ landscape leader. He continues to study plant biology while routinely attending progressive horticulture, design and construction classes to stay at the cutting edge of his industry. Kurt is a master gardener and certified landscape designer who works closely with his clients throughout every project phase. Offering unmatched attention to detail and a total commitment to achieving his clients’ personal and practical goals, his dedication to excellence assures every customer is 100% satisfied with their landscape investment.

Esper De Leon, Project Manager & Landscape Designer

GA Landscape Design Team - Esper, Landscape DesignerEsper is proactively involved in many areas of G.A. Landscape Design & Associates. With expertise in landscape planning, advertising and marketing, job estimation and contract administration, she also keeps careful track of each project process. Esper is an invaluable resource to clients, since she can address practically any question or concern. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering and has more than 10 years of software engineering experience. Her lifelong zeal for the arts and photography, love for nature and attention to detail are reflected in everything she does.

Ryan Clayton, Landscape Architect

GA Landscape Design Team - Ryan Clayton, Landscape ArchitectRyan has a BS in landscape architecture, several years of engineering experience and an extensive knowledge of landscape design and installation. He has been in the landscape design and construction industry for years and is passionate about creating beautiful environments for our clients.

NJLA License: 21AS00112300

Shannon Savage, Landscape Designer

GA Landscape Design Team - Shannon, Landscape DesignerShannon has a degree in landscape architecture from Rutgers University, and has spent nearly two decades working in landscape design. She is a creative force who brings her unique vision to every project. Shannon’s plant familiarity and talent for customizing plant palettes makes her an essential member of our team. Her designs are hand-rendered, and she provides 3-D renderings so clients can easily envision their projects’ focal points. Hand-selecting all plant materials, she assures their quality and makes certain they fit perfectly into her overall design. Shannon’s passion for coordinating the character and style of a given project highlights her gift for distinctive landscape design.

Michelene Lisanti, Landscape Designer, Plant Research & Project Management

GA Landscape Design Team - Michelene, Landscape DesignerWorking in landscape design since 1985, Mike’s love of landscaping and plants combine with her experience and knowledge to position her as an industry authority. Employed by G.A. Landscape Design & Associates since 2002, Mike is driven by a passion to create year-round outdoor displays for clients. She consults with clients onsite and partners with field supervisors to guarantee all aspects of the job meet our company’s ambitious standards. Mike is also an expert in creating plantscapes that will thrive for years to come.

Edgar Carranza, Master Mason

GA Landscape Design Team - Edgar, Master MasonEdgar has nearly 30 years in the landscape field, and he has built all water features and high-end patios for G.A. Landscape Design since 2001. His comprehensive experience, attention to detail and passion for perfection result in custom masterpieces that continue to amaze and delight the most discerning client.

Mike Orlando, Master Carpenter

GA Landscape Design Team - Mike Orlando, Master CarpenterMike’s ability, knowledge and skill in crafting wood structures like pergolas, arbors, trellises, decks and accent fencing bring a unique outcome to every project. Never failing to meet G.A. Landscape’s high expectations for attention to detail and quality of workmanship, he is an indispensable part of our team.