New Jersey Landscape Design Services

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Emphasizing collaboration at every project phase, G.A. Landscape Design & Associates communicates transparently and approaches your project as a valued partnership. At the completion of your initial consultation, our in-house landscape design contractors develop creative solutions that make your outdoor living space functional, artistic and inviting. After presenting blueprints and recommending plant and hardscape materials, your constructive feedback is used to finalize the design.

Merging art and science while remaining true to your vision, G.A. Landscape designers develop master landscape plans that:

  • Reflect your personal style
  • Utilize native plant species
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Cultivate a functioning ecosystem
  • Inspire homeowners & guests
  • Enhance property value

G.A. is committed to uncompromising craftsmanship, quality workmanship and attention to the smallest project detail. Helping you define and refine your custom outdoor living space, we are specialists in the fine art of landscape design.

Our Landscape Design Process

Landscape renovations bring life outside, allowing daily activities to be enjoyed from the comfort of your garden, patio or BBQ. Depending on your specific project goals, the final product should be a place where you can bask in privacy, unwind from a long day, connect with friends or appreciate nature. By emphasizing straightforward communication, our premier NJ landscape design contractors ensure your goals are realized and brought to life in your outdoor living space.

G.A. Landscape Design’s exacting design process includes:

  • Designing for the long-term success of your outdoor living area
  • Presenting a detailed master plan with custom drawings & layout
  • Adhering to local ordinances & obtaining necessary permits
  • Specifying plants & construction materials to complement property conditions/usage patterns
  • Making revisions to incorporate your input
  • Finalizing budget & discussing timelines

Perhaps the most important part of creating your outdoor living area is striking a balance between artistry, sustainability and usability. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are uniquely capable of achieving this balance. Trust us to earn your business—and build a partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Green Products & Eco-Friendly Approach

Minimizing waste, preserving local ecosystems and safeguarding natural resources are all important steps to creating a sustainable environment. G.A. Landscape designers take your property’s soil type, sun and wind exposure, elevation and native plant life into consideration throughout all project stages. Depending on your needs, strategies may include the incorporation of eco-friendly plantings, development of natural, energy-saving shade, attraction of wildlife, and conservation of water and other resources.

Begin the Landscape Design Process

G.A. Landscapers are seasoned experts based in Westfield, NJ and offering outdoor living expertise to clients across the state. Specialists in landscape design and construction, accent lighting and low-volt lighting, drainage and grading, and property management, our certified team is committed to excellence and works closely with clients to assure amazing results.

To learn more about our consultation services or request a landscape design, call 908.789.1859. New and returning clients can also send a message and our landscape designers will be in touch shortly to schedule an appointment.