New Jersey Landscape Lighting Solutions

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At G.A. Landscape Design & Associates, our Westfield, NJ team specializes in showcasing your beautiful garden, patio, walkways, steps, walls, shrubbery and trees with dramatic lighting effects. Low-voltage lighting is an often-overlooked feature of many landscape plans, but it plays an essential role in enhancing the security and atmosphere of a home’s exterior. Our design and installation professionals develop custom lighting schemes that extend your outdoor living hours and allow you to:

  • Safely traverse steps & walkways
  • Highlight pillars, doors & entry features
  • Create inviting ambiance for gatherings & events
  • Mimic the silvery effect of moonlight
  • Light up pergolas & covered patios
  • Emphasize focal points like trees or water features

Types of Landscape Lighting

G.A. Landscape’s lighting installations are tailored to your style, budget and property features. Each professionally installed option adds a beautiful dimension to your outdoor living area. Popular lighting styles include:

  • Patio & deck lighting
  • Spotlighting grazing
  • Silhouetting
  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Step lighting
  • Crosslighting

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Extended Hours

Nightfall doesn’t have to put a damper on your family’s enjoyment of the outdoors. High-impact lighting schemes optimize the use of your yard—allowing you to relax, gather or entertain any time of day. Depending on your needs, G.A. Landscape experts can illuminate your patio and entertainment space, install task lighting for your outdoor kitchen, improve the safety of your swimming pool, or create a charming seating area.

Safety & Security

A properly lit yard or patio enhances nighttime curb appeal, welcoming guests and making residents feel at home. Carefully planned lighting is also integral to exterior security. The best security lighting deters trespassers and intruders by improving visibility and minimizing shadowed areas. Finally, a professionally installed outdoor lighting scheme should illuminate landscape features and tripping hazards so adults, children and pets can safely navigate stairs, paths and walkways.

Aesthetic Value

Strategically designed lighting schemes indicate a well-maintained home that’s accessible to friends and neighbors. When properly executed, low-voltage lighting gives your home character while providing an environmentally friendly way to:

  • Bring the outdoors to life
  • Set an inviting or dramatic mood
  • Create ambiance for events
  • Highlight architectural features, ponds or plantings
  • Add playful splashes of color
  • Illuminate pathways to BBQs or fire pits
  • Minimize unwanted shadows

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