NJ Drainage & Grading Solutions

Smart drainage and grading strategies protect your landscape investment while minimizing soil erosion and funneling water away from your home’s foundation. G.A. Landscape Design & Associates’ drainage expertise prevents you from falling prey to water problems that cause damaged walkways, soggy lawns, waterlogged plants or foundation cracks.

Whether you have a negative slope in your existing yard or are planning a large-scale outdoor renovation, our professionally installed landscape drainage services solve potential water problems and prevent drainage systems from becoming an eyesore.

Drainage & Grading Options

Trust the landscape designers and architects at G.A. Landscape to establish optimal grades for drainage, as well as providing these drainage-related services:

  • Corrective grading
  • Storm water solutions
  • Slope changes
  • French drains
  • Swales
  • Catch-basins
  • Dry well systems

Benefits of Professional Drainage Expertise

Many homeowners try to solve drainage problems themselves, but it is rarely a do-it-yourself project. The G.A. Landscape team has decades of experience determining the most cost-effective, efficient solution for your property’s design. Using minimal excavation and adhering to all utility safety practices, we recommend and install drainage and grading solutions that safeguard your home and landscaping.

Request a Drainage & Grading or Landscape Consultation

Pooling water can lead to untold damage, attracting mosquitos and potentially endangering your health. G.A. Landscape assesses and solves the most challenging drainage issues and keeps your foundation and family safe. Trust our professionals for all types of landscape services across New Jersey.

G.A. Landscape specializes in the fine art of landscape design. Recognized as a regional authority, our certified experts capture your imagination and shape outdoor spaces that are as practical as they are inviting. To learn more about our grading & drainage services or set up a landscape consultation, call our Westfield, NJ office at 908.789.1859. For your convenience, you can also send a message and a member of our landscaping team will respond shortly to answer your questions.